29 March, Miami, FL, Ultra Music Festival

31 March, Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg

02 April, Chicago, IL, Concord Music Hall

05 April, Los Angeles, CA, The Fonda Theatre

06 April, San Francisco, CA, Mezzanine

Arriving in Miami. Staying at an airport hotel the first night…

Next day at Ultra Festival in Miami…. crazy scenario ….lot’s of bikini dancers, umchi-beats and glowsticks;-) We took a trip to the city on a taxi boat and went to the beach for a swim and a stroll. At showtime we were told there was a bad storm coming…we got to play 20 minutes before we had to stop and the thunder and lightning were blazing in the sky! Very dramatic. Our super fast crew managed to pack all the gear quickly in the chaos of showers and heavy wind…
























How good to be back on the bus again! We woke up in Florence, South Carolina. Travel day. We went looking for breakfast.


















Arriving in NY city, Brooklyn.
Coffe and a smoke in the sun. Load-in. Backstage.





























Woohoooo….We had such an amazing evening in the Music Hall of Williamsburg! Fantastic audience …dancing and howling. We were all very happy!!!!
We had a little after party before jumping on the bus at a bar near by…a beer with dear friends and some pool in the dark corner….sweet.






We woke up in Ohio. Spending the day in a Motel town while the bus chauffeur Mr. Lee is sleeping. Take-away restaurants and day rooms. Sun is shining. We went for a stroll in the mall.









































Chicago. Trip to the city center. Very nice show and crowd. We celebrated the birthday of Fraser McGuinness after the show backstage and went to a pool bar near by.




















































Day off in Oklahoma. Basketball and sushi.














Next stop Albuquerque. Beautiful driving through the landscapes. Talking to Mr Lee the driver. He is a yoga master and is often seen in the lotus pose while driving!











Driving through the amazingly beautiful Mojave dessert on our way to LA, Fonda Theatre … Now we’re on the Hollywood Blvd. Jakob and me had lunch with Mark Howard. So good to see him again! It’s been almost a year since we (The Cabin Project) recorded in Canada. Looking forward to the show tonight after 2 days of driving! This is such a special venue.


























San Francisco. Last show on tour. We arrived at noon and went straight to the Amoeba record shop to play an in store session. Ooooh, that place was so amazing. Good to see a proper record store with a lovely staff nurturing the passion of music. Records with everything your heart desires. It was fun to perform there. No in-ears and a stripped down arrangement of four songs. Off cause we bought a great deal of vinyls and went to a little Cuban place next door to have breakfast/lunch. Back to the venue Mezzanine. Pack stuff from the bus. We had a great last show in the evening…the crowd was great!!!


































Last day in US. We had a long nice walk in SF. Lunch, ice cream, chilling in the park, drinks in a bar before heading home and checking in at the airport. Talking about the tour and all the fun we had performing…I think we played some of our best concerts on this tour and it feels very satisfying. It’s been wonderful to have T.O.M. and his computer with us on the road and supporting every show.
I feel very blessed to work with this team of great musicians and crew of pro, skilled and inspiring people! Can’t wait to go back and tour some more in the US in October. We hope to see you there!!! X Marie




































Thank you Camilla Stærk & Dagmar Kestner for lending us the beautiful special jacket designs!

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