MAN…. I bought a ticket for the Mazzy Star show in Copenhagen 4 months ago. One of my all time favourite bands. After 14 years of not touring they were on the road again! And with a new record to come this December 2012. I got a phone call very late in the evening the day before their show asking if I wanted to support with an acoustic guitar. I said no, but then called up 20 minutes later to say ¨ok…I REALLY wan’t to support Mazzy Star… but can I please bring a drum machine and two of my band members and can I play electric guitar?¨ I got a ‘go’ 5 hours before soundcheck and we were so thrilled. When we  got there sweet familiar bits and pieces of sound from the organ player Suki Ewers were  in the air…. We did our sound check, performed for 30 minutes at showtime and left the stage with a big smile! Now Mazzy Star would go on and the sound of this fantastic band was as like they never been away from the music scene… it sure was a dream come true to me as I never heard them live before and I leaped it in like the rest of the audience  …they sure hypnotised us for an hour. They were amazing!

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