I did not really know the music of Cold Specks before I got asked to support her here in Denmark in October.

Yet I recognised her face, her voice. I heard a lot of talking about this young woman ‘a rising star’ from Canada who also performed at The Roskilde Festival earlier this year witch I did’t attend. From listening to her debut album ‘I Predicted A Graceful Expulsion’ released May 2012 I feel drawn back in time… Al Spx has a very strong voice and ‘no-nonsense’ in her approach, a ‘spirit feel’ rawness and unspoiled honesty. It strikes you and moves you…. and you feel renewed …sort of like getting a gentle wake-up-call…from the grandchild of Mahalia Jackson or Johnny Cash…it’s a spiritual one. I now understand why her style is described as ‘doom soul’.  MAN she is so beautiful and cool!

¨Well, I am I am, I am I am a goddamn believer
I am I am, I am I am a goddamn believer¨

I am really looking forward to support her…. see you there my friends!

4. Oct : Atlas, Aarhus
5. Oct : Vega, Copenhagen 


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