Last year I was involved making a film called SOMEONE YOU LOVE / EN DU ELSKER by the brilliant director Pernille Fisher Christensen. She contacted me and told me the story of this main character Thomas Jacob (Mikael Persbrandt). A famous male singer who had been living in LA for many years. A man with a long carrier in the music business with all it’s up’s and downs. The film takes place in Denmark. While recording a new album his daughter is in deep trouble and suddenly she leaves him his grandson to go to rehab. Against his will he is stuck with this 11 year old boy. The relationship of two lost souls slowly evolves between them. In the end facing a big tragic Thomas Jacob has to choose and take a big decision….

Pernille asked me to write a song for Thomas Jacob and I did.
She suddenly called me and asked me if I could be a song coach for Mikael Persbrandt for almost 3 months as well. It was a great and exciting experience to work on set as all the music scenes was being shot, working with the songs with Mikael Persbrandt and with the team of amazingly skilled and talented professional film people… I never tried something like this before and I am very thankful given this chance and inspiring experience. It was a lot of fun!

On Tuesday the film will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival as being nominated !!!
(I have not seen the movie yet and I’m looking forward! )

See the trailer:

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