Hi Everybody,
We are very happy to announce that we will perform our very first live concert as a sneak premiere concert in Denmark, Aarhus the 12th of September. We will perform at this very special and beautiful venue The Dome.

Doors open at 6.30pm and closes 7.15pm when the concert starts. Dome Of Visions, Aarhus Ø, Pier 4, Bassin 7

entré 65 kr

The concert is a part of the DUSK TILL DARK program. Yes, it is a concept to play exactly one our in the twilight zone as the sun is setting.
Inside the heated Dome you will experience eucalyptus trees, a bar where you can bye something to drink and if you walk around the room you will hear the sound changing from the reflections of the Dome.

























The DUSK TILL DARK performances 1# 2# 3# & 4#

08. September 1#- Messerkvartetten
12. September 2#- The Cabin Project
19. September 3#- the ART BOOK OCHESTRA
28. September 4#- Eriko Makimura (牧村英里子)

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