We recorded ONE exclusive vinyl for Monogram – a radio program on the danish radio channel 24/syv.
What an amazing day…! It was recorded at Zentropa. (The location where Lars Von Trier works and drives around in his gulf car while dealing with big thoughts and brilliance.) One can tell there is a special vibe in the area… A creative one from all the movie making people. We had a few in the studio as well. Filming while we recorded.
Excellent crew, sound, monitors, lights…

On this special occasion I invited special guests for the show. Starring Steen Jørgensen (Vocal, Sort Sol) and Simon Toldam the amazing jazz pianist. We all had a blast!

Jakob Høyer (Guit, Bells, sampler, xylofon), Silas Tinglef (dr), Anders Christensen (bass), Rune Kjeldsen (Guit) and me.

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