The text for One Eye Open is inspired by the French dramatist, poet, essayist, actor, and theatre director Antonin Artaud. Like in a dream it tries to speak as if wearing his shoes for a moment. Questioning life and the minds idea of reason and moral. Searching for means of expression Artaud renewed the concept of theatre as ¨a primitive ceremonial experience intended to liberate the human subconscious and reveal man to himself ¨
When I got this gorgeous track from Anders Trentemøller I felt sucked into the soft drapes of keyboards. I felt there was something grandiose in the atmosphere of the music and something dramatically alluring. I took it to my rehearsal space one late evening and made a sketch of most of the melody and some of the lyrics as a one take. I didn’t know what I was singing about…I just tried to freestyle. Afterwards I realized Artaud was in the song and I kept on writing the weeks to come trying to stay with the flow and freshness from my improvisation.
This is something I really love working with Anders! When he offers me a track to write melody/lyrics for it is always a complete cinematic world to enter by ear. Rich and adventures. He is so good at details, colors and dynamics which makes it very interesting to listen to and explore…even if you hear his music a thousand times.


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