Marie Fisker is from Copenhagen, Denmark. As a singer she has appeared in various contexts before releasing her long awaited debut album Ghost Of Love in 2009. With the album she surfaced as a composer and bandleader with an original, strong and personal sound.
‘Ghost Of Love’ could be described as a blend of Rock ‘n Roll, folk and progressive pop with a penchant for country music’s slide guitar and a cinematic universe. A bitter sweet almost David Lynch alike imaginary expression with sometimes a more rough and noisy psychedelic approach. The structure of the music kept uncomplicated but very effective; every thing’s carefully slotted in its place to just punctuate and enhance her silky, sultry voice. The lyrics are far from sentimental. If the music makes you slightly dizzy and makes you feel the presence of some undercurrent, so does her lyrics.
On her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Ghost Of Love’ the instrumentation is somewhat simple but powerful, supporting her voice full of intensity. The male singer Steen Jorgensen (Sort Sol) also appear on the album in a duet with Marie on the song Good Till Now, and on the single City Lies. The record was written and produced by Marie herself along with co-producer Jakob Hoyer in their shared studio and mixed by Nikolaj Norlund. Besides Marie Fisker and Jakob Hoyer the recordings and live band consists of Rune Kjeldsen (Savage Rose), Anders Christensen (Poul Motion). The album was also released in Germany 2010 and very well received.

In 2010 Marie Fisker received the Danish Critiques Award and as with words like … ¨ On both recordings and on stage, she is a talent beyond the ordinary, an exceptionally intense and uncompromising artist, who knows how to put words and music together that deals with the big and fatal feelings, often with an alluring edge of melancholy and longing. As one reviewer wrote, there are just some voices that makes you stop an listen. Such a voice is owned by Marie Fisker .. ¨
In May 2011 she released a single called ‘Mirror Mirror’ on an EP vinyl (‘Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror‘) with additionally three other artists’ interpretations from Marie Fisker’s first album. The EP idea of making cover songs is to be understood as an alternative to the tradition of remixing where artists interpret each other’s music and unfolds the material once again. These 3 artists, Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes), Cæcilie Trier (CTM) and Anders Mathiasen (Murder/Vessel) share a common inspiration and most important, each of them a personal favorites of Marie herself.

Marie Fisker appeared with Anders Trentemøller on his world tour 2010/11. This collaboration occurred during the recording of the song ‘Copenhagen’ (by The Sods) also with Steen Jorgensen and then by their collaboration on ‘Sycamore Feeling’ released on ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ album by Trentemøller , ‘Blue Hotel’ and ‘My Dreams’ as special releases.

Marie Fisker also composed music for films as ‘We Were Who Stayed Behind’ a short film by Martin De Thura (Fever Ray, Mew, Röyksopp), ‘New Love’ a short film by Laurence Coriat, a film score for ‘Baby’ the short film by Camilla Ramon. Year 2015 she won an award from The Danish Film Academy for best music score 2015 for the film ‘Someone You Love’ by Pernille Fisher Christensen.

‘So, Hoes & Heroes’ is her 2nd solo album released in 2012. Again a critically acclaimed and well received album. The title ’So, Hoes & Heroes’, portend a poetic echo. An Echo of mirrors within, imagery respond and the facts of recollections relativeness of experience. The lyrics sometimes abstract containing both a raw edge and a dreamy passion, depth and character.  Again recorded and co produced with Jakob Høyer. Guest starring Steen Jørgensen (Sort Sol) on two songs and strings by Davide Rossi (Gold Frapp) Arranged by Jonas Westergaard.

In 2013-15 Marie did another world tour with Anders Trentemøller with his 3rd album ‘Lost’. Marie and Anders wrote the song ‘Cand Tongue’ together. The tour included 6  stadium support shows for Depeche Mode.

The two singers / composers Kira Skov and Marie Fisker joined forces in a new constellation named ‘The Cabin Project’. As both well-established solo artists with each their own productions this project was released 2014.
The album was recorded in Canada’s deep forests in a cabin with Oliver Hoiness (guitar) and Ned Ferm (sax). Here they recorded the album in 9 days in collaboration with the legendary engineer and producer Mark Howard, best known for his 23 -year partnership with Daniel Lanois (Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, Iggy Pop, Neil Young …). The result was a deep, raw and soulful album. Roots of the classical songwriting like L. Cohen infused by playfulness and a unique futuristic dare. The Album was very well received in Denmark and Germany

In the fall of 2016 Marie Fisker will once again start touring around the world with Anders Trentemøller’s 4th album release ‘Fixion’. This time Marie composed and recorded 4 songs for the album and Jehnny Beth (Savages) wrote and recorded 2 in collaboration with him.

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  1. […] Marie Fisker is from Denmark and this song is from her 2012 album “So, Hoes & Heroes”. It’s a dreamy pop song with keyboards, drums and lap steel guitar (which added to the ocean feel according to Marie) that wafts over you with her sultry voice layered on top. There are hints of Tindersticks about what she does, and her sound is suitable for the early hours of a Saturday night/ Sunday morning! She’s definitely someone to look out for. […]